Studio & Artists

Andy Rolfe

See Andy's page for the full story on Andy.

Jane Laws

Jane is the first "muso" I worked with. A lovely lady and a wonderful Singer/Songwriter in her own right. She has been, and I hope will continue to be, involved in my songs. On "CAFE MIX"; along with her vocal and guitar work, she helped with arrangements and production of the songs she sings - and her husband, Steve, chose the title for "Sailing On" Thanks Steve! I'll never forget our first duo . . . her "Waltzing the Moon" and "Jeffry-Walk-Along" are brilliant - all her songs, lifted by that voice, deserve special mention - Thank you Jane.

Jane can be contacted by email or visit her web site.

Steve Frawley & Lotti Lothian

Steve and Lotti are "Diamond & Rust", a talented local West Aussie duo. Steve has won awards for his music and Lotti has starred in local bands. I am very pleased they have chosen some of my songs for their repertoire, such as "Whisky And Me" which was a winner in the TSA/Vic (Folk/Bush Ballad) Song Competition 2006.

Steve can be contacted by email.
Lotti can be contacted by email.

Amy Lee

I am delighted to have discovered this young lady. Her wonderful voice and timing have already drawn comment from radio stations. My song "Swinging on a Gate" was sung by Amy at her debut performance at the Gympie Muster and was a winner in the TSA/SEQ (Australian Contemporary Country) section.

Mathew Bateman-Graham

Matt hails from South Australia and has played bass and sung wth 'Douce Ambiance', 'Five Guys Named Mo' and 'OTT Chicago Swing'. Based now in WA, he also teaches double and electric bass.

Matt can be contacted by email.

Linda McAllister

Linda has been involved with my music for some time. She has an excellent voice for solo or harmony in lots of different genres. Linda features in "Here With You" and "Circle Of Friends" among others.

Linda can be contacted by email.

Lindsay Gould

Lindsay has been playing saxophone & clarinet for 25 years in many bands and ranging from jazz to rock to classical. He recorded a jazz CD in Melbourne in the 1990s featuring his own band "Looking Sharp" where all his arrangements of jazz standards were featured. Nowadays he spends much of his free time involved with community musical theatre in the capacity of either musician and/or musical director. Some of his shows include: West Side Story, Singin' in the Rain, Footloose, and The King and I. Lindsay's current position is instrumental teacher and band director at Frederick Irwin Anglican School and Corpus Christi College.

Lindsay can be contacted by email.

Lotti Lothian

Lotti is a renowned WA singer, has more recently sung with Funky Monkey, Hot Nuts Choir, Diamond and Rust as well as soloing for me in Somebody Listens and ManFriday. She is currently one of the top real estate women in the south west of Western Australia. She loves people, loves singing, loves music.

Lotti can be contacted by email.

Lee Doherty

Banjo player features on "Swinging on a Gate" and "Rains Come By" so far .......

Paulina Caine

I'm very happy to have Paulina Caine in the studio, recording some of my works. I hope to see more of her and hear her great voice.

Paulina can be found with Basic Desire recording and performing her own songs.

She can be contacted via her web site.





Artists featured on the CD "Decade", pictured here at the launch of the CD.