Andy Rolfe ..... Sharp Sounds Audio

guitar and amp service, repair and retube
microphone and guitar leads made to order

Meet Andy Rolfe ... Andy, my son, is a fantastic musician, sometimes I feel in his shadow. He is an arranger, an electronics engineer and a band leader - and it is a great experience for us to record together.

"Summer Street Party" was the first song we did together - this one demonstrates Andy's versatility as a muso - lead, rhythm and bass guitars, harmony and production / arrangement - good one, Andy! Good fun - and hard work.

Since then we've done "If You Lie", "Don't You Dare" and "A Little Bit" (which won us a commendation). His guitar; lead, Rhythm, Bass or Slide, features in as many of my songs as both he and I can manage.

Andy's company SHARP SOUNDS AUDIO specialises in guitar amp service, repair, retube and bias. As well as stomp box mods and repairs - mike and guitar leads can be made to order.

Andy can be contacted by email on: or by phone on: 0432 428 908. You can also read his Sharp Sounds blog here.