We're back home again, with a mountain of ideas for songs. New recording sessions have already started.


Songwriting while touring Spain, France and Andorra has been erratic! Been getting lyrics down and recoding some ideas, one in particular called "Kissing" - recorded in a improvised outdoors Studio in Luzecan, coming out of the Pyrenees, in France. recording in the Camper we've brought means Jan has to sit in a corner and not move - or go exploring! The trip so far has been enlightening - the French way of life confusing and sometimes embarrassing, the wine and the weather fantastic, love the people. Talking on air almost impossible, mostly my inability to speak French! Not much country music played on radio here. back to the UK soon - still having fun!


We've arrived in the UK in time for some snow in Essex and Norfolk.Its been quiet on the songwriting front, although have lots of ideas to work with. Sonny has had some good music nights with Derek Yorke, a well-known harmonica player hereabouts - they've played at a couple of concerts. The music scene is rich over here!

Our CDs have been well-received.

We've found a small Camper which we are in the process of transforming into Studio 3 - the Zoom 8-track will be the centre piece of this activity! Jan will give the Camper that homely touch. In the next weeks we'll be down south in Kent and Sussex, more updates soon!

Sonny Rolfe and Derek Yorke, harmonica players
Playing with Derek Yorke in England.
Sonny Rolfe and Derek Yorke, harmonica players
Playing with Derek Yorke in England.
Sonny recording on the outdoor Studio in Luzenac.
Sonny at a Vide-Grenier at Rochefort.
andorran mountains
The road through the Andorran mountains.
pyrenees yellow train
The road through the Pyrenees from the Yellow Train.