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G'day, Hello & Thanks for dropping by!

Here's to another year of music! Looks like it will be even busier than last year . . .

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You may like this new CD trio:

Lost Lonely Lyrics

Lines Lanes Lyrics

Lives Loves Lyrics

featuring these local artists: Lotti Lothian, Tony Ferdinand, Matt Bateman-Graham, Lindsay Gould, Rachel Dillon, Jan Osment and Andy Rolfe.
Listen to the CDs here.

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These songs can all be found on my YouTube channel.

Speck in the Sky (link)

Kalgoorlie Dust (link)

Lucky Old Soldier (link)

Trees (link)

Our Backyard (link)

Lucky You (link)

God of Fire (link)

Defeat (link)

Aboriginal (link)

People Power (link)

Dream Road (link)

Killing Children (link)


My remastered CD: Cafe Mix

Originally released in 2003 and remastered in 2016. Music and Lyrics by Sonny Rolfe featuring Andy Rolfe and Jane Laws. Cover design and artwork by Jan Osment. Listen to clips from this CD.

cover image of CD A Kid Like Me

CD: A Kid Like Me

This Album is rearranged and remastered with a new track. ​2015 is one hundred years after the GREAT war and seventy years after WW11. These songs are in memory of and in honor of anyone who was in anyway involved in the defense of Britain. And thanks I am still free and alive. War songs are seldom happy but they do bring back memories for some and inform others.

cover image of CD A Kid Like Me


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