These are a few of my awards.


Great Country Pub Song competition

My entry into the NSW AHA's Country Pub Songwriting Competition in 2012 was chosen as a finalist. It is available to listen to on the Discography page.

I was very pleased to have been selected as a finalist for my song "My Pub" - read Weekend Courier newspaper article here.



click here for a larger image of the UK Songwriting Contest   image of Tamworth award

Semi-Finalist (Professional Contemporary Section), National Country Songwriting Contest. Results of UK Songwriting Contest 2007-2009.

We finished with 8 songs in the top 23% of the major European songwriting contest, "the UK Songwriting Contest" in 2007.

I have also been fortunate enough to win a few nominations and awards for both my lyrics and my music.

image of tsa/seq 2006 trophy

image of 2006 scala certificate

image of tsa/vic 2006 certificate and trophy

image of scala 2004 certificate

image of big note vic 2002 lyrics trophy   image of big note 2002 lyrics certificate  image of big note 2002 top 5 certificate  image of big note 2002 top 5 finalist certificate

image of red gum 2001 top 5 certificate  image of scala 2001 certificate